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Age range for the activities may vary from 3-9 years old, so make sure
to choose activities that are appropriate for your child/students.
Getting to Know Each Other as featured in Teaching Tolerance Magazine, Fall 2006

THEMES: friendship, tolerance, family, aging, grandparents, Alzheimer's
Craft Flowers:
Hand Print Flowers (Easy)
Tissue Paper Flowers (Easy)
Construction Paper Daffodils (A little harder, but still fairly easy)
Craft Foam Calla Lilies (Trickier)
Craft Foam Gladiolas (Trickier)

Nature Ideas: Identifying Flowers, Plant Your Own Garden
Observation Journal

Dessert Time: Worms in the Mud

Language Arts Games: Mixed Up Sentences (2 versions), Match the Tools

Topics for Discussion or Writing:
Creative problem-solving
Creating your own successes
Finding your talent

Research Ideas
State Flowers
Flower Shapes
Flower Colors
Annual or Perennial
Common Core Curriculum
Pre-reading, language arts, math, science, drama, music and food activities,
written by the authors
Readers Theater script
Activities by educator Jackee Brigman Bell

THEMES: family, relationships, value of friendship over money
Language arts & food activities
Carla's Sandwich Cookbook

THEMES: creativity, peer pressure, food, sharing, teasing, indivituality
Activity Guide from educator Donna O'Donnell Figurski
Classroom activity from the PJ Library Book Club

THEMES: uniqueness, tolerance, Christmas, Hanukkah
Grandfather Paper Bag Puppet

THEMES: grandparents, memories, wrinkles
Monster Finger Puppets to print and make                Monster Music
Make Your Own Monster free printable                    CA Young Readers Medal Resource Guide    
Trick or Treat Safety Guide                                                (full of fun things to do!)
Classroom Activity                                                       
Literature Springboard from Empowering Writers
Great classroom or family activities from Stories by Storie
Storyline Online Activities Guide

THEMES: monsters, bedtime, creativity, imagination, facing fears, humor
Reacting to Bullying Printable Activity Page
Anti-bullying resources
Deeper themes in Alley Oops: an interview with the author

THEMES: bullying, combating bullying, sport as a conduit for conflict resolution
Pobble's Way Parent/Teacher Guide
Language Arts Activities
Printable Stick Puppets

THEMES: imagination, winter, nature, bedtime
A Cat Is: Language Arts/Science
Lots of Great Project Ideas from the Grand Island Public School in Nebraska

THEMES: pet adoption, cats, family, compromise
Home or Classroom Activity Guide

THEMES: rules & consequences, siblings, birth order, fairness, humor
Coloring Page 1
Coloring Page 2

THEMES: mourning, grief, celebration of life, grandparents
Word Jumble                                Crossword Puzzle                        Make a Fire-Breathing Dragon
Word Search                                Draw a Sandcastle page
Help the Dragon Move In Maze (easier)
Help the Dragons Move In Maze (harder)
Building a Story is Like Building a Sandcastle (a Parent/Teacher Guide)
Common Core - Visualization (a teacher-designed activity)

THEMES: friendship, imagination, beach, dragons, family
Ernestine coloring page                                Help Ernestine Get to the Park Maze
Ernestine Word Search                                Match Names and Jobs Activity
Help Ernestine Pack Her Wagon                Questions for Discussion
Print Play Date Cards for your kids!
Fly a Kite with Ernestine (you need both the instructions and template, below):
Instructions                Kite Template

THEMES: free play, lessons, fun, oversheduling, Nannies
Help Sam & Petey Get to Sleep Maze
Two Activities: matching and drawing
Can You Find It?

THEMES: bedtime, adventure, imagination
Printables: Help Grandma Tillie Get Ready (Language Arts, Reading Comprehension), Silly Frilly
Follow the Yarn (Hand-eye coordination), Silly Frilly Word Search, Silly Frilly Crossword Puzzle,  
Chloe Maze
Fantastic Activities from Mommy and Me Book Club: Potholders, Circle Time, Snack Activity,
Lampshade Relay & Bubble Bins, Tissue Paper Hats

THEMES: grandma, siblings, babysitting, imagination, costumes, bedtime routine
Common Core Curriculum Guide

Discover a treasure trove of activities at

THEMES: pirates, reading, individuality, librarians, bookstores
Common Core Curriculum Guide
Connect the Dots
Character Matchup
Role Playing
What do you do when you're upset?

THEMES: honesty, tact, multi-generational
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Grumpy or Happy?
Imaginary and Real
The Happy/Sad Mask

THEMES: emotions, anger, multi-generational, imagination, reverse psychology
Common Core Curriculum Guide                               Make a Me-Shaped Masterpiece
Make Glue Bouncy Balls - from
Make Glue Bracelets - from
Make Duct Tape Flowers - from        Advanced Level Project:
Word Search                                                                How to Make a Duct Tape Hammock
Too Much Glue Maze  

THEMES:  glue & gluing skills, creativity, humor   
Common Core Curriculum Guide
Hair, Hair, Everywhere
Help Ben Find Zip - Maze
Silly Stomping - Verbs that Start with S

THEMES: friendship, lost & found, summer, boardwalk, beach, height
Free Printable Board Game for Classroom or Home created by the U of Missouri
Common Core Curriculum Guide
Cheesy Pizza Bombs Recipe                          Coloring Page
Writing My Helping Story                             Writing About Being Helped
Maze: Help Ryan and Luis Find Pepito

THEMES: childhood hunger, friendship, secrets, empathy, helping
Printable Coloring Pages 1  2  3  4                Make a Simple (Pretend) Telescope
Make a Pirate Hat from Newspaper            Make a Treasure Map
Real or Imagined?
What Is It Game
How Do You Imagine Your Backyard?
Make a Working Telescope (advanced project)

THEMES: friendship, imagination, backyard adventures, maps, play, pirates, dragons
Build a Castle from Recycle-ables (from the ArtBar blog)
Can You Find...?
Maze #1                                        Maze #2
Word Search
Crossword Puzzle

THEMES: new baby, big brother, imagination, dragon, emotions
Word Search                How to Have a Sock Battle
To-do Lists                   Emotions                                        Maze Fun
Writing Prompt            Eye Spy                                          Picture Dictionary
Nail Polish Names and Colors Coloring Page
Word Fun: Un- and Alliteration

THEMES: daddy/daughter, fun chores, sharing, trying new things
Make Your Own Monster free printable                      
Trick or Treat Safety Guide                                               
Classroom Activity
Word Search                                                      

THEMES: monsters, bedtime, siblings, creativity, imagination, facing fears, humor
Crossing the Street
Help Grace Find Her Way Home - Maze
What Would You Pack
Word Clouds
Word Search

THEMES: tantrum, running away, parents & kids, yoga, bedtime