Maurie Manning
Maurie is the illustrator of Getting to Know Ruben Plotnick, written by
Roz Rosenbluth.

She does much of her art on the computer using Corel PAINTER software, which allows her
to imitate almost any traditional media. Maurie has the amazing ability to draw her warm and
friendly characters from very unique perspectives.

"Since first grade I've known I wanted to write and illustrate children's books. I remember
standing in the library at age six with my newly honed reading skills, picking up a book called
"B is for Betsy" and noticing that both the story and pictures were by Carolyn Haywood. Since
then I have never wavered from my desire to create children's books.

"I spent much of my childhood in the self-imposed study of anatomy. I had the ridiculous idea
that Norman Rockwell "drew from his head" and my goal was to draw people as well as he
did! So I poured over anatomy textbooks, drawing bones and muscle groups for hours at a
time. I have to admit my extreme disappointment in finding out that Rockwell used a projector
and traced photographs onto his canvas. (I have gotten over my dismay.) But by then I was
developing a less realistic style anyway, much thanks to my mother whose constant critique
that my work was "too stiff" helped me move out of simple representational drawing and into a
unique personal style."

Maurie's first two trade books were
The Aunts Go Marching (Boyds Mills Press, April
2003) and
The Coffee Can Kid by Jan Czech (Child and Family Press, 2002). Her past and
present art clients include: Children's Digest, Child Life, Humpty Dumpty's, Highlights for
Children, Sony Interactive, Josten's Learning, Computer Curriculum Corporation, Strategic
Simulations Inc., Lucent Books, Steck-Vaughn, Pearson, Hampton Brown, Child Welfare
League of America, Girl Scouts of America, and Boyds Mills Press.

She lives in Carlsbad, California with her son and daughter and their Australian Shepherd, Mel.

You can see more of Maurie's work on her
personal website.
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