D is for Drool

Written by Amanda Noll and Shari Dash Greenspan
Illustrated by Howard McWilliam

When Ethan can’t sleep, he doesn’t count sheep – he says his ABCs. But in monster-loving Ethan’s alphabet, A is for Arms, B is for Belly, C is for Claws, and D is for Drool! Kids will love pointing out the alphabetical attributes on the silly monsters that parade across Ethan’s room – like earlobes, noses, spikes, and wings – and discovering where all of those monsters are headed.
By the time Ethan gets to Y, he’s Yawning. And by Z, kids will be ready to sleep as Ethan does, surrounded by the tails, tentacles, and drool sticking out from under his bed. ZZzzzzz.
D is for Drool is a monstrously magnificent ABC book that offers a new way to fall asleep. With the perfect balance of giggles and shivers, it is a captivating companion to the award-winning I Need My Monster series.


  • Top Shelf Fall 2021 – IPG Lead Title

About the Creators

Amanda Noll is the author of the award-winning I Need My Monster series. She is an elementary school teacher/librarian and lives with her husband and children in Spanaway, Washington. She is also a grandmother and enjoys sharing stories with all the little monsters in her life. The monster under her bed is Gertie. You can find out more about Amanda and her work on her website

Shari Dash Greenspan has been the editor and art director at Flashlight Press since its launch in 2004. She conceived of and co-wrote D is for Drool based on the monster world created by Amanda Noll and Howard McWilliam. The monster under her bed is Yankel who loves to yank on her blanket.

Howard McWilliam is the award-winning illustrator of the I Need My Monster series, When a Dragon Moves In series, John Cena’s Elbow Grease series (a NY Times #1 Bestseller), and many other children’s books. He is the cover artist of The Week (US & UK), and he lives with his wife and three sons in Cheltenham, England. The monster under his bed is Brompton. You can find out more about Howard and his work on his website.

ISBN: Hardcover 9781947277496 ePDF 9781947277502 EPUB 9781947277519 KF8 9781947277526
Print Length: 32 Pages
Publication Date: Fall 2021 
Age Group: 3-5
LCCN: 2021937110

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