Dudley’s Day At Home

Written by Karen Kaufman Orloff
Illustrated by Renee Andriani

What does Dudley do all day while his people-family is out? Mom explains to Max that Dudley does ordinary dog things: he eats, naps, guards the house, and plays with Buttercup, the cat-next-door. But in Max’s mind, Dudley’s day at home is anything but ordinary.


About the Creators

Karen Kaufman Orloff is the author of award-winning books for children, including the “I Wanna” series (I Wanna Iguana, I Wanna New Room, I Wanna Go Home). Karen lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband and family. Dudley’s Day At Home is her 12th picture book.
A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Renee Andriani creates a range of illustration work for greeting cards and children’s books. She loves doing school visits and presentations, working with all grade levels, to share what illustrators do and how books are created. She lives in the Kansas City area.

ISBN: HC 9781947277267/ ePDF 9781947277274 / EPUB 9781947277281 / KF8 9781947277298
Print Length: 32 Full Color Pages
Publication Date: April 2020 
Age Group: 4-8