El sándwich de Carla

Written by Debbie Herman
Illustrated by Sheila Bailey

Este cuento simpático enseña a los niños como aceptar quienes son ni importa que piensan los demás. La comida que trae Carla a la escuela está llena de cosas curiosas y deliciosas, como un sándwich de aceitunas, pepinos escabechados y habichuelas, otra delicia de plátano y requesón y el inolvidable hígado picado con papitas fritas y pepino. A Carla le parecen sándwiches creativos y sabrosos pero sus compañeros no están convencidos. Ilustraciones vivas demuestran las lecciones de tolerancia, individualidad y creatividad mientras anima a los pequeños inventar comida creativa.



  • STARRED REVIEW in Criticas Magazine

From Criticas Magazine
Sweet, freckled Carla has established a unique daily lunchroom special; she creates sandwiches that her friends call “repugnant” and “gross.” They are at first curious when she unpacks an olive, pickle, and green bean sandwich or a combination of chopped liver, potato chips, and cucumbers, but she soon finds herself eating lunch at her own private table. There is a turn of events when her class is having a picnic and Hector, who is constantly taunting her, realizes he has forgotten to pack his lunch. When no one else but Carla offers to share, Hector’s dilemma begins: Will the class reject him if he accepts? Will he starve if he doesn’t? The colorful illustrations accurately capture Carla’s expressions and her changing moods as the story progresses. This story ideally lends itself to a spirited read-aloud with a class. Truly delicious vocabulary is sprinkled throughout. A creative addition to bookstores and library collections.—Paul M. Kienlen, Northside ISD Bilingual/ESL Dept., San Antonio, TX

From Ephraim Kadish, Chef, propietario de un restaurante y padre de cuatro hijos
Un libro delicioso. Le doy cinco estrellas a Carla por su originalidad y excelentes combinaciones de sabores.

Reviews for the English edition

From Children’s Literature
 “…an ending that will delight readers young and old.” –Mary Loftus

From Edwards Book Club
“…a story that teaches children that it is okay to be different and that by embracing other’s differences you may just discover something “surprisingly terrific”. This book is a wonderful tale of friendship, tolerance, and acceptance.  With colorful, delectable, and brilliant full-page illustrations, it is a must read for children between the age of 4 and 8.”

From Atlanta Parent Magazine
“[We] pulled together the Atlanta Parent Staff Picks of our favorite books from 2004… We culled through hundreds of titles…The competition was fierce, and many excellent books didn’t make the final cut. But then again, we only had room for 20….Spunky Carla is one cool kid…” Elizabeth Cobb

From Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children’s Media
“…This is a good story for a variety of reasons and uses ranging from its themes of not pre-judging something, especially food, without trying it; problems with mean-spirited teasing; and creative follow-ups such as new sandwichs/drawings of these….”

From Large Print Reviews.com
“…This is an enchanting story that is accompanied by delectable and gleeful illustrations…I wholeheartedly recommended Carla’s Sandwich to readers of all ages!” -Auggie Moore

From Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer
“Celebrate the joys of being different! A delicious reading adventure!” –Betty Dravis,

From Midwest Book Review
“Imaginatively written… and nicely illustrated… Carla’s Sandwich would make a popular and “kid friendly” addition to any school or community library picture book collection!

From myshelf.com
“This book will be to the brown bag lunch what Dr. Seuss was to ham and eggs…. Sheila Bailey’s irrepressible illustrations are completely engaging and the perfect complement to the text. This book is a gem.” Allie Bates

From Love to Know Children’s Books
“This delightful, multiple award winning book finds a young girl named Carla bringing sandwiches created with strange ingredients to school for lunch. Although she’s regularly teased for her unique lunch concoctions, she stays true to herself and her quirky style, eventually winning over her classmates. The story will ring true to kids who have experienced a “lunch bully,” and help empower them to stand up for themselves.”

From Rebecca Reads.com
“…delightfully illustrated by Sheila Bailey: her way with food is scrumptious! I could not put Carla’s Sandwich down, nibbling my way through a very funny story…” Rebecca Brown, 

From BookPleasures.com
“Carla’s Sandwich…was a delight to read and is thoroughly recommended.” Andrea Wren, 

From Neat Solutions Inc. for Healthy Children
“Carla is very unique, and so are her sandwiches!…  This book with colorful, cheery illustrations might just evoke some ideas of crazy recipes for you to try with your kids!” 

From Embracing the Child.com
“exploring the joy of being unique – check it out for school lunches”

“A delicious book — I grant Carla five stars for her originality and fantastic food pairings.” Ephraim Kadish, Chef, Restaurateur and father of four

From Sallys-Place.com 
“…a charming story that presents a new way for young children to understand how to creatively embrace who they are, no matter what others think.” Sally Bernstein, Editor in Chief,

From thewritersroom.com
“…a delightful tale of a courageous young girl who, despite peer pressure, stayed true to herself.”

From Just-For-Kids.com
“…filled with odd delights…” – Susan Finkle



About the Creators


Debbie Herman posee un Máster en Educación Especial, es una destacada escritora de varias revistas infantiles y su relato “La visita” fue publicado en Sopa de pollo para el alma de los niños. Es fanática de los sándwiches de carne enlatada, papitas fritas y pickles semi amargos. Debbie vive en la ciudad de Nueva York y éste es su primer libro ilustrado.




Sheila Bailey ha ilustrado 26 libros infantiles. Su trabajo artístico ha engalanado las páginas de las revistas Forbes y Fine Cooking Magazine, además del periódico The Oregonian y muchísimas tarjetas Hallmark. Entre sus libros se encuentran Spaghetti and Peas, Special People, Special Ways y The Wizard and King Whifflegroan. Sheila vive en Redwood City, California y le encantan los sándwiches de pan de cardamomo y queso de cabra.

Book Details

ISBN: HC 9780972922562 / ePDF 9781936261147 / ePub 9781936261154 / KF8 9781936261864
Print Length: 32 Full Color Pages
Publication: Spring 2006
Age Group: 4-8
Reading Level: 3
Word Count
: 1312


THEMES: creativity, peer pressure, food, sharing, teasing, individuality

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