Holly Bloom's Garden
Written by Sarah Ashman and Nancy Parent, Illustrated by Lori Mitchell
Holly Bloom wants to be a great gardener but she doesn’t seem to have the knack.
Despite suggestions and support from her mom Iris, and her siblings Bud and Rose – all
great flower-growers – Holly just can't seem to get her garden to bloom. She tries water
and fertilizer, uses all the right tools, even paints her thumb green, but her daisies keep
drooping. Through trial-and-error and with great perseverance, Holly finally realizes that
she does not need to grow flowers with soil and seeds. Inspired by her artistic father, she
taps into her natural creative abilities and surprises everyone by “growing” her own unique
flowers from paper and paste, pipe cleaners and paint, and best of all, these flowers are
made especially by Holly Bloom.

The cover image of Holly measuring herself against a tall sunflower encapsulates her
yearning to see how she measures up against the excellent gardeners in her family. This
charming book uses playful language to teach plenty about gardening, but more about the
joy of being yourself and finding your own true talents – even if that makes you a late
32 color pages, ages 4-8
Hardcover, ISBN 9780972922500
Paperback, ISBN 9780979974601
Praise for Holly Bloom's Garden

* Selected as an Accelerated Reader book

"...a satisfying resolution to a story of perseverance and self-discovery."
Sally R. Dow,
School Library Journal

"...a sweet story about a young girl who persists despite multiple failures, finally finding her own unique way to shine.... pleasing to the
ear, eye, and mind." Dawn Elizabeth Hunt,
Children's Literature

"...the story will resonate with children who may have problems standing out in a family or who haven't found the activity they shine at
yet." Ilene Cooper,

"Holly Bloom wants to be a great gardener, but everything she touches seems to die. When her father helps her understand different
ways of creating a garden, Holly discovers her own approach."
Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's Media

"Gentle illustrations...evoke Holly's struggle and celebrate her unique solution. ...Young readers facing a difficult goal will be encouraged
to think outside the box, just like Holly Bloom." Paula Morrow,
Bureau County Republican

"...Colorfully illustrated...[with] a surprise and happy ending." Sacramento Bee

"Perfect for the child struggling to find his or her own talent." Metro Parent Magazine

"...a picture storybook for young readers about Holly's horticultural learning curve." Associated Press

"...a charming tale...full of vibrant illustrations..."  Family Journal

"...an enchanting story about creativity and perseverance. It is also a story that teaches children to embrace their differences and to build
upon their own talents."

"Beautifully illustrated with a simple text and a warm message, this picture book is a real treasure."

"...creates a warm and comforting place for young readers." MyShelf.com

"...a fun story ...that teaches ...unique problem solving and positive thinking.  It’s Holly’s perseverance that pays off in the end...
Sometimes it can be challenging to stick with a project, but with the right attitude, kids can solve any type of problem.  Children need to
remember that not everyone has the same talents.  Holly didn’t have the gardening green thumb, but she sure could create her own
paper garden with her creative and artistic talent... Mom Does Reviews highly recommends this fun story for kids ages 4 to 8.  If your
child is struggling to do a certain task, they are sure to get some inspiration from Holly’s creative solution!"

"...a wonderful book filled with beautiful illustrations... a great read and an ideal addition to a child’s collection."

"I would definitely recommend this book, especially if your child is having a hard time thinking outside the box."
Saplings Magazine.com

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Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Award list 2005-2006  (K-3)
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