Holly Bloom's Garden
Written by Sarah Ashman and Nancy Parent
Illustrated by Lori Mitchell
Nature Ideas
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Identifying Flowers
There are many different flowers in Holly Bloom’s Garden.  

    Can you name all of the flowers on the cover? Click here for Answers.

    Look through the book and make a list of all the flowers mentioned in the story.

    Go to the library or look online to find photographs of the flowers mentioned.

    Try to draw what each flower looks like.

    Cut out flowers from magazines (ask your parents first). Glue the pictures into a
    small booklet and write the names of each flower underneath. On the cover, write
    My Flower Guide Book.

    Walk around your neighborhood and try to identify the flowers you see.

    Make a memory game, matching names of flowers to their pictures.

Plant Your Own Garden
Gardening is an inexpensive and satisfying hobby.  Start small and dream big.

    What You Need:
    A packet of flower seeds (try zinnias, marigolds or petunia)
    A large paper juice or milk carton cut in half or a flower pot
    If you are using a container without a drainage hole, you’ll need some pebbles
        or Styrofoam “peanuts”
    Potting soil

    What you do:
    1. If you are using a container without a drainage hole, place some pebbles or
    Styrofoam “peanuts” in the bottom of the container.
    2. Fill the container with the potting soil.
    3. Plant a few of the seeds in the soil.  Be careful not to use too many seeds –
    flowers don’t like to be crowded!
    4. Water the soil and put the container in a sunny window.
    5. Follow the watering instructions on the seed packet.

Observation Journal
Good science is about observation.  That’s how most discoveries are made.

    Keep a journal of your observations on how your flowers grow.  When do you see
    the first shoots coming up?  How many can you count?  Did all of the seeds you
    planted grow into flowers?  

    For a true experiment, try growing two different kinds of flowers and observe their
    different growing patterns.
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