Getting to Know Ruben Plotnick
Written by Roz Rosenbluth, Illustrated by Maurie Manning
What do you get when you put together the coolest kid in class, an unpredictable
live-in grandmother, and a caring but anxious grandson? Disaster?

No. You get to know Ruben Plotnick.

David is worried about how zany Ruben Plotnick will react when he meets Grandma
Rosie, who often says and does unexpected things. Will Ruben make fun of her to
their classmates? Will he imitate her whispery voice? What will he do if Grandma
Rosie suddenly wants to dance?

This heartwarming story of senility and school-age embarrassment reveals the
importance of looking beneath the surface to really get to know someone.
Hardcover, 32 full color pages, ages 5 - 9
ISBN 9780972922555, Fall 2005
Praise for Getting to Know Ruben Plotnick

"An engaging story about family, friendship, and the challenges of dementia...Ruben Plotnick has grace and he has heart...the
story is charming and has a very sweet conclusion. This is
an excellent choice for a group read-aloud or to help a child deal
with fears of family embarrassment." -Mary Hazelton,
School Library Journal

"a truly delightful story... I would definitely recommend this book as a must have in school libraries." - Jean Boreen, Ph
D., Associate Professor and Department Chair, English Education, Northern Arizona University, in
Children's Literature

    "So touching and great for your kids… a terrific book. Really, a terrific book… I don't want to give away the
    punchline – but you're going to love to read this one to your kids. They're going to ask you to read this one again
    and again and again and again and again…. an adorable book. I definitely recommend everybody get this for their
    kids. This is just fabulous… I loved it." -Dr. Laura Schlessinger, on the Dr. Laura Live Radio Show, Monday
    September 26, 2005

On Tuesday, September 27, 2005 Getting to Know Ruben Plotnick was ranked 50 on the Barnes & Top
100 Bestsellers List!!

    "All of us should get to know Roz Rosenbluth's "Getting To Know Ruben Plotnick" with illustrations by Maurie
    Manning.  This is a story about real family values, compassion for others and how kids are often smarter than we
    think. Hats off to "Ruben Plotnick"! -Simms Taback, Caldecott Medalist, 2000

    "Thank you for sending Ruben Plotnick. I enjoyed it very much. The voice of the narrator worked so well for me. ..
    The illustrations of the characters fit comfortably with the words,  particularly Grandma Rosie's wonderful dance
    poses. Congratulations to Roz Rosenbluth,  Maurie Manning, and Flashlight for making it all come together so well.
    I hope it is enjoyed by many." -Julie Vivas, award-winning illustrator

"Getting to Know Ruben Plotnick, by Roz Rosenbluth, waltzed into my heart and touched it in a way that no other children's
book has."
-Barbara Gruener, School Counselor, Friendswood, TX

From Grandparents
Difficult Subject Handled Deftly: The questions raised by this children's book resonate with me, because I had a grandmother
with dementia. When her dementia became severe enough that she could no longer live alone, she moved in with my parents and
my brother. I was already married and out of the household, but I was around enough to know that cognitive decline doesn't
always wear such a pretty face as the one put on it in Ruben Plotnick. At the same time, I like many things about the book, and I
think that it makes many valid points. Yes, a person with cognitive decline can be a much-loved member of a family and can still
make valuable contributions to a household. Yes, young people do have the capacity to understand and accept the difficulties
that come with age. Yes, even a child whose charm consists of zany tricks can understand that a grandparent's failings are not
fodder for jokes. But for most families in this situation, social issues will not have such facile resolutions.
The next-to-the-last illustration in the book is telling. In it, the parents in the family make an appearance. The family is gathered
around the dinner table when Grandma Rosie says, "I want the little boy in the sink." David, knowing that she's talking about
Ruben, smiles. The parents' faces show the stress of living with a parent with dementia and foreshadow the tough decisions that
are yet to come.
The Bottom Line: Like the best kids' books about grandparents, Getting to Know Ruben Plotnick lends itself to discussion. It's a
good book for introducing a chat about social dynamics. Why does everyone like Ruben Plotnick? Do you have someone in
your class like Ruben Plotnick? Are children sometimes liked for the wrong reasons? It is also an excellent means of beginning a
dialogue about cognitive decline. If your family is dealing with a grandparent with cognitive issues, it can be especially valuable,
but most children will need this talk sooner or later. Like talking to children about death, talking to children about dementia
requires honesty, but one does not have to provide all the answers. That's a good thing, because most of us are still searching for
answers. If that's true of you, don't overlook The Secret Life of the Grown-Up Brain and Beyond Alzheimer's. You won't find
definitive answers, but you'll be better equipped to deal with your own Grandma Rosie and to face your own aging issues.

"Roz Rosenbluth has written a story that is
meaningful on many levels.  The issue of increasing senility in an aging grandparent,
and its effect on family members, is made comprehensible even to young children.  Grandma Rosie is not a one-dimensional
character defined only by her condition, but an important and beloved member of the family.  Readers will be encouraged to
look at classmates–popular and not-so-popular alike–as real people they might like to get to know.  Maurie J. Manning’s bright,
cheerful illustrations are a perfect complement to the story.  Little details (beginning on the verso of the title page) involving the
family dog are priceless.  This story, and the messages it contains, are as pleasing as Grandma Rosie’s chocolate cookies."

From Edwards Book Club
...The title of this book leads you to believe you will find out about Ruben Plotnick. You do learn about Ruben but you also learn about
families, love, friendship, senility and to never judge a book by its cover.

Ruben Plotnick stars in a
podcast! Listen to Andrea and Mark discuss this award-winning book
as they drink their morning coffee, in their thrice-weekly podcast,
click here to read a transcript of the podcast.

"The generation gap may be awkward at times, but Ruben Plotnick and Grandma Rosie demonstrate the special bond possible
between the young and the old. ..."Getting to Know Ruben Plotnick" shows that although relationships may change, love and
understanding can still bring rich rewards." -
Paula Morrow, children's literature specialist, writing in the Bureau County

"Grandma Rosie…is envisioned by Manning with digital pencil, watercolor, and chalk as brim-full of vitality. There is an elegance
to her hands and a youthful spirit to her gray pony tail. When she waltzes we can feel her joyous memories of her past." -
Kenneth and Sylvia Marantz, co-authors of eight books on the art of picture books, in
Children's Literature

"This picture book does a wonderful job conveying children's emotions, and how to deal with the uncertainty of peers knowing
what family life at home might be with an elderly grandparent." - Rosa Roberts, in
Children's Literature

"Every character expands beyond stereotype in a way that will help kids cope with their own concerns about being less than
GRAND magazine

"...helps explore the characters beyond the typical stereotypes in a way that will help them cope with their own concerns about
being less than perfect." - Together, the
Generations United newsletter

"[an] endearing tale... The illustrations are enchanting... a marvelous tool for introducing youngsters to Alzheimer's disease." -Kim
Akron Beacon Journal

"This sensitive and clever story deals with school-age embarrassment and what dementia looks like from a child’s perspective. It
teaches young children not to judge a book by its cover and has a few surprises at the end." - in
Connections, the newsletter of
National Institute of Aging, of the U.S. National Institute of Health

"Timely subject! Unforgettable character!" Betty Dravis, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

"...a wonderful and heartwarming experience... funny, touching and insightful... has much of value to say about family and
-Sy Fliegel, President, the Center for Educational Innovation of the Public Education Assocation (CEI

"A lovely story about family love and about the sometimes unexpected nature of friendship. The illustrations, full of joy and fun,
complement this heartwarming story perfectly."

"...a warm-hearted story about friendship, dealing with a senile relative, and learning not to jump to conclusions about someone
before you really get to know them." - Anna Dogole, Large Print

"...a lovely book about friendship and seeing people as they really are. Kids will think it's terrific fun - but I warn you, parents,
you just might get a little misty as you read. The best books do that to you."
- Jan Fields,

"Ruben Plotnick is a young man that I wouldn't mind getting to know." - Larissa McKay, Eclectic Homeschool Online

"...a compassionate story about dealing with senility in those we love, and of blossoming friendship." Outlook Magazine

"What a charming book about having your worst fears never come true." - Elizabeth Applebaum, AppleTree Editor, The
Detroit Jewish News

"...not only deals with friendship but with issues that require kindness and family values." - Sybil Kaplan, The National Jewish
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