No More Noisy Nights

Written by Holly L. Niner
Illustrated by Guy Wolek

When tired Jackson climbs into bed after unpacking all day, he hears…

Plink! Plunk! Plink!

Who is making so much noise and how will Jackson ever get to sleep?

Despite some silly, sleepy mistakes, genteel Jackson finds a fun and quiet activity for each of his noisy neighbors. He finally gets a great night’s sleep – and discovers three new friends in the morning.

Cozier than a mole in fuzzy pajamas, No More Noisy Nights is an underground, under-the covers read-aloud, perfect for calming bedtime boogety-woogeties.


From Kirkus
“Unexpected housemates lead to fitful nights for a new subterranean tenant. …there is much to enjoy: the silly mistakes Jackson makes from lack of sleep, effective page turns that build suspense, and a predictable story structure. Soft, computer-generated illustrations will engage observant young readers keen to explore Jackson’s new home.”

From Publishers Weekly
Flashlight Press pricks up its ears with No More Noisy Nights by Holly L. Niner, illus. by Guy Wolek, in which a mole discovers that his new underground home is inhabited by some spooky and noisy nocturnal creatures

From Childrens Literature
This story is a winner, with a charming message and wonderful drawings.

Poor Jackson Mole works hard all day, moving boxes of stuff and furniture into his new house, which makes him very ready for bed and a good night’s rest. Promptly at nine p.m., he settles himself in, expecting to sleep soundly, but the “oooEEEeee” wail coming from the attic keeps him awake all night. Jackson has a hard time staying awake the next day and does such silly things as putting ketchup on his toast. At bedtime, Jackson goes up to the attic and asks the ghost to be quiet.  The ghost, says he’ll try to be quieter, but what’s he supposed to do? Jackson says he’ll think about. The next evening he sets a box on the attic floor. But does he get to sleep that night? Noo. The basement Boogey Monster, boogety woogety wooos all night long. Jackson asks the monster to make less noise at night, but the monster doesn’t know how. Jackson leaves a box at the foot of the basement stairs. Now he is sure he’ll have good night’s sleep.  Nope. The Piano Pixie starts plinking out her music. Is he ever going to have a peaceful night’s sleep? Of course, the next morning, Jackson asks the pixie to not make all that noise at night. She says she’ll try, but what’s she supposed to do. He puts out sheet music for the pixie and goes to sleep with the soft sounds of a puzzle being assembled above him, a toy train chugging along below him, and a pixie lullaby coming from the piano. What can be better than a not-so-noisy house and new friends?  This book is adorable, with cute illustrations and a good message of cooperation.

About the Creators

Holly Niner is the author of No More Noisy Nights illustrated by Guy Wolek, and The Day I Ran Away illustrated by Isabella Ongaro. She has had numerous stories published in children’s magazines, and her previous picture books were award winners. Mr. Worry: A Story about OCD, received the 2005 IBBY Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities Award, and I Can’t Stop: A Story about Tourette Syndrome, was the winner of the 2006 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award and a 2005 Bank Street College of Education Best Book. Holly lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.



Guy Wolek is the illustrator of No More Noisy Nights, written by Holly Niner. He has created art in many forms over his 35-year career – courtroom sketches, character development for animation and film, editorial and portrait work for newspapers and magazines, including as a regular artist for the Chicago Tribune – and of course children’s book illustration. In the past 20 years, Guy has illustrated over 600 projects.

Book Details

ISBN: HC 9781936261932 / ePDF 9781936261949 / EPUB 9781936261956 / KF8 9781936261963
Print Length: 32 Full Color Pages
Publication Date: September 2017
Age Group: 4-8
Lexile Measure: 500L-600L
Word Count: 521

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THEMES: creative problem solving, patience, friendship, bedtime, sleep, moles, monsters